Wednesday, November 30, 2011

USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: [Leonenet] Abdul Karim Bangura's Recent Wikipedia Entries

Yes, Karmoh Sagba, my position was and still remains that while Internet sources are valuable, they are no substitute for scholarly books and journals simple because many of the former are not professionally refereed. But still, the Internet is widely used and we must not ignore its value in disseminating knowledge. The more our intellectual giants utilize it, the better it will become.
For my take on how the Internet has emerged to be such a greatly utilized research tool, see my following essays on Islam and the Internet:
(1) "A Survey of Islam on the Internet." Renaissance: A Monthly Islamic Journal,  November 2004.
(2) "Islam and the Internet: A Systematic Assessment." Renaissance: A Monthly Islamic Journal, June 2005.
Karmoh Sagba, you are conflating my reservations with me not utilizing the Internet. In so many words, your argument is illogical.
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For once I have to say that I dont believe you have been doing this as long as you claim. I remember very well, and I do have all my archive of  10,500 Leonenet emails, when you and I used to argue on the value and validity of internet data as a reliable research tool. You were the most skeptical and disser of information from the internet.
You used to advcate the value of book research over internet research. If you disagree I will take my time to search some of those arguments. That's probably why you are always quick toreference books for most of your arguments. If you have now come fully on board for the value of internet information sources, then GOOD! but you were a skeptic for a long long time.
  Toegondoe Sagbah,  FAT / IDOF
         Fighting Against Tribalism
           In Defence Of Fairness

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Subject: [Leonenet] Abdul Karim Bangura's Recent Wikipedia Entries

Abdul Karim Bangura's Recent Wikipedia Entries

As the Internet emerged to be the first and most popular choice for research---i.e. before most of us hit the libraries, archives, etc., I have over the years contributed entries to Wikipedia and other Internet media, first under pseudonyms and now my name. My purpose is threefold:

(1) I subscribe to the ideology that knowledge should be shared by the masses, not just reserved for the educated elite who will read our books and journals.

(2) Afrikan ideas and great thinkers will be better known by non-Afrikans, and even many Afrikans, through these very expansive media.

(3) The media allow for quick suggestive evaluations.

The following are my most recent Wikipedia entries. Please make improvements on them.

(1) Bangura's Vulture Paradigm:

(2) Diop's Intercultural Relations Methodology:

(3) Diop's Theory of the Restoration of African Historical Consciousness

Thanks a heap in advance for your good help.

In Peace Always,

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